Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kapil Sibal is an idiot

Thousands of years ago, there was a plane of existence that maintained its own sovereignty. Now whether this was conscious maintenance or not is debatable, but nature’s rule over itself was the same as a creature’s rule over its own body- a limited, yet existent amount of control. The various components within this plane (this body) conflicted with each other as they enacted the processes of self-preservation and growth, but a good degree of stability lived strong thanks to the inability of any of the components to win and take control of the majority of the body. But then came along a component, a creature that perfected its ability to successfully conquer rival components. This allowed it to conquer a large portion of the entire plane. Unfortunately, this creature had only perfected the art of growth and conquest, but had left its capacity of self-preservation in a blind and brutish state. This creature’s almost stagnant stupidity in combination with all this new knowledge and power it had acquired through conquest led it to create dozens of layers of unnecessary boundaries and disagreements. This creature may have unconsciously understood the reasons for its blindness and began to create a new plane of existence. The internet stands to be this new, unconquered plane. But just as humans divided and quarrelled over the physical space that existed for living, they now try to do the same thing to the cyber space they have created for thinking. This cyber space seems to be a plane that we created unconsciously as a solution to our materialistic stupidity, but for it to achieve the definition of a ‘solution’ it must be used in a way that has nothing to do with the concept of control. It will only be a solution if it is a free space, collectively on ‘autopilot’, to be developed into a model for a harmonious and uncontrolled reality. A boundary brings about control, but control does not bring about harmony.

The Inevitability of Narcissism

The Inevitability of Narcissism

Mohit Damle

The life of a hermit appears to me as gold,
I shall become one once I am old,
Once all my loved ones and many a friend,
Have either lost themselves or declared themselves dead.
Up in the mountains I shall lay,
Freezing to grey,
From night to day,
Drifting away,
Becoming the light of day.

One acts in order to experience a desired state of being. To be alive is a basic desirable state for everyone. The desire to maintain one’s own life is the desire to be self-aware. Being physically alive is the basic definition of being self aware. The affinity toward other living things serves the same purpose, as does the act of raising offspring. These acts lead to self-preservation; to preserve one’s own being is to be aware of one’s own being, an awareness that is reflected by one’s own thoughts and by the preservation of others with whom one identifies with.

This is what would have driven the first intelligent organisms to learn certain basic skills such as that of nutrition to achieve the state of self-preservation. As long as this was the desired state of being, the organisms would be limited to being in the possession of the bits and pieces of information that maintain the said state. However, the environment of such organisms was subject to change and the nature of the processes that led to their ‘self-preservation’ changed accordingly. This caused the organisms to learn new skills to maintain the same state. This added to the knowledge, defining the minds of these organisms capable of passing on complex information to others. These organisms, with their desired goal being that of self-preservation, would have no incentive to understand the futility of retaining skills that helped only their cause in the previous environment. On the contrary, they’d have the incentive to retain those defunct skills because those skills would still serve the purpose of being reflections of the self. Tradition can be seen as something that is born from sentimentality. This, in accordance with further changes in environment would go on to shape this organism in such a way that it would learn to use other things to satisfy its craving for self awareness (with an increase in intelligence), or it may supposedly regress to dependence on a fewer number of actions and objects to maintain its sense of self (a decrease in intelligence).

A linear pattern in evolution can be seen as the movement towards higher self-awareness, a movement that gives rise to the qualities of intelligence, social structure, parenthood, cultural tradition etc.

The human being is one that has moved in the evolutionary direction that we like to label as progressive. The human being seeks more than just the processes of nutrition, parenthood and community to be self-aware; the human being has reached a critical point of where it scrambles to expand the list of things that remind it of itself. The human being craves a state of awareness that is more direct and accurate than the current state. This is evident in the long standing human tradition of intellectual inquiry. The desire to know just for the sake of knowing is the desire to reach a point of a superior self-awareness. Different humans move towards this with varying degrees of desire. Most simply don’t care; they are happy with the self assurance they receive from their family, community, favourite sports, material possessions and strong beliefs embedded in a ‘Black and White’ school of thought. Others most evidently wish to expand, however, only by a certain degree. They follow through with intellectual and creative pursuits; they are the thinkers and artists.

The last category of humans is one of those who wish to attain a state of absolute self awareness. They wish to wield sovereignty over all that is conceivable. They believe that in order to expand their limited state of awareness to a state of perfect awareness, they must free themselves from the limits of the individual ego. They choose to abstain from attachment; from the type of attachment that makes one form new bonds to the type of attachment that makes one sever old bonds. They wish to prevent themselves from existing in relation to anyone or anything and this includes existence in relation to themselves. They decide to take up hermit lifestyles in order to help them do this. These people are the Sadhus, the hermits, passively receding and growing towards a state of perfection.

Let us assume that these people are successful. Is it possible for us to confirm if they can be successful in reaching their goal? One gains knowledge in order to derive a solution to a problem. We can confirm the successfulness of the person in solving the problem by checking if the result of the person’s attempt resembles the solution that we can conceptualize. However, when the problem is that of limited awareness with its solution being defined as the movement into a state of unlimited awareness, there is no way for limited beings like us to confirm such things. This is because one who exists as all of reality would be perceived by us as just that- all of reality. We would perceive the construct consisting of the entirety of reality and that neighbour who suddenly left his family to go live up in the mountains as a hermit as two separate things. To us, reality is reality and that neighbour is a lunatic who has caused his family much distress and has probably been dead in the mountains for the last two months.

Hence either opinion is equally acceptable; humans looking to reach the heavens could either be the rightful heirs to the thrown that overlooks all of reality, or be the ultimate slaves to the chains of insecurity.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Terror Error

Sordid screaming screeches for the lime light,
In form of sweet whistles of agenda.
No farces do we fight- candles we light,
To strike at aesthetics, no placenta.

And so the crocodiles gather to mourn,
Plastic masks, layered second we have worn.
For the namesake- names by which we have sworn,
Winners of the bullets, those who were torn.

The great fallacies of humanity,
Echo transitions to insanity.
Run your campaigns to make problems sub-side,
Run from your fears, show just tears, show your pride.
Oh! Such is one's denial of error,
Re-establishing the reign of terror.

The Conception of Victims

Projecting light,
It's stolen emotional might.
The man is breaking, waking up a madman's plight.

'' You can't reason,
You hurt the world,
Just like treason.
You wicked blend,
This is the end-
Final season. "

Mentally weak,
Happiness- Where should it he seek?
Like an unwelcome stray-dog, his future looks bleak.

" Your purely sick,
Destroy my spawn?
Is this your trick?
Sunshine fucker!
Gave life a prick. "

Two victims are found,
With sorrow they're crowned.
A disturbing sound,
Happiness is drowned.
This evil dark deed,
Society's symptom,
Of raping a seed,
Two of a victim.


He ate his food with full dedication, as if worshipping the act that can be aptly defined as the significant other of sexual desire. At that moment, he was in all senses, a greedy pig.
Engrossed and grunting, it was as if the gnawing movements of his jaw switched off all the sectors of his brain, leaving behind just a spec of functioning brain matter, hypnotized by the sacred, mind altering ritual of limited extacy.
The sounds of rumbling jets drew his attention to the sky, his brown eyes attending to the yellow smoke trails left in the blue, that resembled long furry tails that ought to have been grown by fighter jets.
But alas, the small pox smoke trails were all that they were. The possibility of living machines brandishing sense pleasing furry tails like those of surrealisticaly cute puppy-faced sphinxes, was out of bounds in relation to his filtered perception of reality. They lived their own lives in his mind.

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